Chubby Fire and the Dread War

Client: Bradley K. Baron
Date: 2002-2014

For several years I was involved with the making of the worlds contained in this story. Unfortunately the project has yet to really get off the ground. It’s a shame because the book and the script are a really fun read. My relationship with the creator of the story not only developed into a long standing friendship, but it taught me a lot about concept design. The back and forth we had with the many designs and ideas helped grow me not only as an artist but taught me what it meant to work on someone else’s intellectual property. It afforded me plenty of trial and error in what and what not to do in meeting the clients needs and ultimately make them happy with the end result. Ultimately I think it was good practice for us both. I hope one day we get this puppy back up and running! Until then, enjoy some of the many sketches and Illustrations I had the pleasure of creating.